In these unforeseen pandemic times, we take initiative to do what’s right.

This website was created using the resources of a local small business and its staff. We recognize that everyone is being impacted
by the ongoing and crippling COVID-19 crisis. While our businesses are shuttered and livelihoods are lost, we are committed to
crowdsourcing as much data as we can to learn about the causes and patterns of this unprecedented time. By contributing infor-
mation about yourself and experiences to our simple yet researched survey, you can help your community pin point situations
that may put you or others at risk, either in present or future situations. The more you contribute, the more data we will have to
learn about the crisis, and the sooner we can look towards a solution. Anything you answer is kept anonymous and confidential,
this is site is unaffiliated with government, however all information will be shared with corresponding health departments. Please
do your part with the time off you may find yourself with, and help us become a piece to the corona virus solution.